I’m glad to share with you my first lick package which is focused on the Aeolian scale, the difficulty is from Advanced to intermediate, I hope you find this useful to expand you vocabulary.

Some of the techniques used are hybrid picking, economy picking, arpeggios, sweep picking, tapping, etc.

This package includes:
20 videos: 10 hd videos at normal speed and 10 hd videos at slow speed.
10 transcriptions in tab and standard notation in PDF format.
10 Explanations in English of each lick
10 explicaciones en español acerca de cada lick
2 Backing tracks: 1 is the short version to practice each lick, and the other one is a long version (about 3min)

You can get this package at https://alejandrocarrera.net/shop

or you can contact me at info@alejandrocarrera.net


Thank you for your support, lets rock!