Released on August 29 2018.

Recorded at Muzeik & Carrera Studios (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Mixing by Alejandro Isaac
Mastering by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studios, Italy

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Track list:
01 Rain (1st Guit Solo: Alejandro Isaac, 2nd Guitar Solo Alejandro Carrera)
02 Shelter (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
03 Twisted Flight (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
04 Do as I say (Guit Solos: Alejandro Isaac)
05 Fading Shield (1st Guit Solo: Alejandro Isaac, 2nd Guitar Solo to end: Alejandro Carrera)
06 Wheel Chair (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
07 As it Pours (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
08 The Fall
09 The Mountain (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
10 Ascent (Guit Solos: Alejandro Carrera)
11 Break of Dawn (Guit Solos: Alejandro Isaac)

Fahreheit “Rain” Musicians Line up:
Vocals & Guitar: Alejandro Carrera
Backing Vocals & Keyboard: Carlos Flores
Guitar: Alejandro Isaac
Bass: Alejandro “Chamu” Gomez
Drums: Christian Gómez

Fahrenheit – Rain

Release Date : August 29, 2018
Format : CD