Released on July 1rst 2019.

Red Rivulets is a mixture of thoughts, experiences and ideals put into music form, ranging from the most heartfelt pain to the uplifting moments that we enjoy and yearn for. Modern rock, ballads and a bit of everything, as frames for the stories told.

Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars & Bass Recorded at Carrera Studios (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Drums Recorded at Remi Estudios
Mix and Mastering by Remi Estudios

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Track list:
01 About Time
02 Back Home
03 And How it Goes
04 That’s What they Say
05 Encore
06 Wait Until the Morning
07 Thrown Over
08 My Lie
09 Why Not Now
10 Gone Underwater

Red Rivulets is:
Vocals: Janet Janine
Vocals & Keyboard: Carlos Flores
Guitar & Bass: Alejandro Carrera
Drums: Christian Gómez

Red Rivulets – What They Say