Released on May 19 2017.

Rift Divide comes alive in a rather natural way, breaking ground with a new voice while in between other projects, and gaining momentum on its own. From hard rock to slower musings, the songs ponder about us, our struggles and the rifts in our lives.

Recorded at Carrera Studios (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Mastering by Loudmouth Studios South Africa

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Track list:
01 Row
02 Given
03 Featherweight
04 Colder
05 Meltdown
06 Not to know
07 Worry
08 Trench
09 Beyond

Rift Divide is:
Guitar: Alejandro Carrera
Vocals & Keyboard: Carlos Flores
Bass: Ramon Beltran
Drums: Christian Gómez

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Rift Divide – Row Beyond

Release Date : May 19, 2017
Artist : rift divide
Format : CD