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Rock and Metal Mixing

AlejandroCarrera Black LQ

Rock and Metal Mixing Engineer/Producer

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Mixing by Alejandro Carrera 

  1. I´m Alive - Helloween *Studio Cover Collab Tracking / Mixing 3:29
  2. Turning Point - Dark Times Collaboration *Entry Mixing / Mastering 3:57
  3. A Faithful Few - Monolith Mixing / Mastering 3:15
  4. Stand Tall - Prophets Mixing / Mastering 2:41

Mixing by Alejandro Carrera 

  1. Liar - Burst and Bloom Mixing / Mastering 3:27
  2. Without You - We Were Sharks Mixing / Mastering 3:01
  3. Awakening - Decemberflood Mixing / Mastering 2:58
  4. Between Mirrors - Heavy Hearts Mixing / Mastering 3:41

All Tracking, Mixing and Mastering by Alejandro Carrera
*Drums in “Given (Live session)” Mixed by Remi Estudios

  1. I´m Alive - Helloween *Studio Cover Collab Tracking / Mixing 3:29
  2. Close to the Edge - Rift Divide Tracking / Mixing / Mastering 3:12
  3. Last Gate - Widian Tracking / Mixing / Mastering 5:27
  4. El Huesped - 1000 Xander Tracking / Mixing / Mastering 5:10
  5. The End Of My Journey - Widian Tracking / Mixing / Mastering 5:10


– Mixing – Tracking – Editing – Drum Programming – Reamping –
Session Musician work – Production

I’m located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

If you need Mixing, Session Work, Drum Programming, Editing or any of my services please free to contact me, I’m specialized in Rock and Metal Mixing and I would love to work in your project.

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My name is Alejandro Carrera, I’m a Producer/Guitarist/Engineer from Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico. I’m a full time musician; in 2012 I got my specialist certificate from “Berklee College of Music”. I have worked as session musician since 2013 and I started my Producer/Mixing Engineer career in 2016, working in full length albums were I was in charge of everything (tracking, arrangements, edition, mixing, etc.).

As a Mixing Engineer/Producer my main goal is to help your song to be heard in the best possible way. We have to make decisions based on what helps the song the most,  if we combine great performances with excellent sound we will make the song reach its full potential, that’s our goal and that’s why we need to be careful with every detail of the process.